APEXtrackdays Season Pass [ASP]

Save big on multiple trackdays

APEX Season Pass (ASP)

ASPs are much more restrictive than track days purchased individually, but tickets may be used for any track event. These rules will be adhered to in all cases. Do not purchase an ASP unless you are 100% willing to accept these terms:

  • ASPs must be paid in full at the time of purchase.
  • The ASP is for an individual rider and is not transferable under any circumstances.
  • ASP holders must sign up for (reserve) the dates they want, just like everyone else. Sign up may be done at any time, not just when purchasing a ticket pack. There is no special entitlement that places an ASP holder ahead of other waiting list riders, so sign up for your dates as soon as possible.
  • Canceling a track day reservation with at least two weeks notice does not use a day from your ASP. Canceling inside two weeks does spend the ticket! SOLE EXCEPTION: If a waiting list rider buys your spot from us, then canceling late does not spend a ticket. Again, tickets are not transferable; you cannot cancel late and give or sell the ticket to another rider.
  • Trackday reservations may be moved around, with at least two weeks notice, with the same freedom as individually-purchased track days.
  • The ASP is non-refundable and is limited to the season in which it was purchased, period. Do not crash your bike at the first trackday and then ask for a refund.
  • Extra trackdays beyond the ASP quantity are purchased at the regular price. (I.e., if you use up your ASP 5 pack and want to do another trackday, you buy it like everyone else.) It is not possible to convert money spent for track days that have already taken place towards an ASP. However, if you have reserved future track days with payment you may convert those funds towards an ASP.
  • Unused days expire at the end of the calendar year. However, under special circumstances, we may, at our sole discretion, allow unused days to be added to an ASP for the next season.